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Processing payroll is one of the most important and a critical activity of your business as it deals with salaries, bonuses, promotions, and reimbursements of employees. If you run a payroll which is wrong this can have devastating result for your organisation as you will be losing unnecessary money.

Not to mention have unhappy employees and most critically having your name and company name at stake.

Now there could be multiple reasons why your payroll can go wrong:

  • ×  Poor record keeping and data entry
  • ×  Classifying workers improperly
  • ×  Miscalculating salaries and overtimes
  • ×  Paying the wrong tax rates
  • ×  Running payroll late
  • ×  Not saving payroll records

Automating Payroll Processes Using A
PowerfulPayroll Software Will…

Significantly reduces the risk of human errors, and drastically reduces the time from few days to just few hours.

An intuitive and comprehensive payroll software will help you with your payroll processing needs as a company HR department.

A robust suite of features will eliminate overheads from payroll processing person in your company.

Get need-base warm support from the team whenever you need it.

Not only that keep your company and employee data secure.

Payroll Day

A Powerful and Robust

HRFAST’s Payroll Management System (PMS) is very powerful, robust, scalable, and simple to integrated payroll solution to manage the complexities of your payroll processing.Simplified user interface allows you to get actionable insights around your payroll readiness and salary processing within no time. This feature rich system is made so simple that you will feel in control. Here are some of the action oriented features:

Payroll Calculation

provides different types of salary structures and calculation methods best suited for your organisation, new or old.

Auto Payslip& Tax Generator

generate online pay slips and tax projection, saving your time and cost, and with CA verification.

Salary Worksheet

detailed salary worksheet for new hires, ex-employees, salary per location, employee type, comparatives, and trend analysis.

Full & Final

F&F working is generated for admin and is processed as per your policies.

Bank Transfer

get an exclusive excel sheet to send to banks be it one or many.

Expense Management

provides different types of expense management best suited for your organisation.

Statutory Compliance

calculate and generate PF, ESIC, PT, MLWF & Income Tax (TDs) with ease.


you can customise your deductions as per your company policy.

HRFAST’S Payroll Management System
Doesn’t Require High-End System

Minimum 1 basic Desktop / Laptop
Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
or above
Any Web-Browser
MS Office 2003 or above
Good Internet Connection Preferred Speed: 1mbps

Trusted by Customers Nationally

A Payroll Management System Crafted For
Building A Better Workplace

Spend less time running payroll for your employees so you can focus on growing your business.

Simple & Powerful

Simple & Powerful

designed to be a simple but gives powerful tools to help you grow.


No Compromises

get a complete Payroll system for a cost that doesn’t hurt you.



set default salary structure or customise it for every employee.

User Friendly

User Friendly

makes your life simple with its user friendly interface.

Gives You Control At Amazingly Low Cost

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